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Shock absorbing and non-shock absorbing models available in a variety of lengths.

Shock pack or no shock pack?
A lanyard with a shock pack should always be used when a worker could fall off something—a roof, rail car, etc.

A lanyard without a shock pack can be used when the fall protection is acting as a restraining device—meaning the lanyard will prevent the worker from getting close enough to the edge to actually fall off.

Single or Twin Tail?
A Single Tail lanyard will be used to connect to a fall protection system, when the worker will be continuously connected, and never have to re-position the lanyard.

A Twin Tail lanyard should be used when a worker will need to disconnect and re-connect, when moving from place to place. This ensures that the worker is never disconnected from the fall protection. Especially useful for tower climers who don't have a rail system on the ladder.