Ladder Fall Protection

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Work that requires climbing has its own challenges when it comes to providing fall protection. With updated OSHA Regulations for Walking-Working Surfaces, HySafe offers three unique ladder fall protection systems tailored to your needs.

HySafe Ladder Davit: 

When a cable or rail fall protection system isn’t the right solution, HySafe’s Ladder Davit can be added to an existing ladder.  Sold as part of an engineered installed system or as material only.

  • Allows free range of motion along ladder.
  • Customized for various ladder types.
  • Mounting options for both front and back of ladder.
  • Removable if needed – no welding required.
  • Two piece design for ease of installation and shipping.

Vertical Cable Fall Protection System:

  • Fall protection trolley designed to lock on cable if fall occurs.  
  • Shock absorber reduces end anchor loads to a minimum, allowing multiple workers at the same time. 
  • Easy to install & suitable for straight or curved ladders. 
  • Stainless steel and galvanized options available.

Vertical Rail Fall Protection System: 

  • Can be custom fitted for your ladder application.
  • Ideal for towers, silos, wind turbines and other fixed building ladders   
  • Fall protection trolley designed to lock on cable if fall occurs. 
  • Stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized options available.


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