Ladder Davit

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In need of ladder fall protection? The Ladder Davit, only found at HySafe, is ideal for workers who need increased mobility while climbing a fixed ladder. Rest assured HySafe’s Ladder Davit is approved as fall protection for OSHA’s recently updated Walking-Working Surfaces regulation. The ladder davit can be added directly to an existing fixed ladder making this a quick and easy solution for your work place. Be sure to purchase with a self- retracting lifeline and tagline.

Key Features

  • Allows more mobility and free range of motion along ladder.
  • Tailored for various ladder types – can be customized.
  • Different SRLs may be used with Ladder Davit.
  • Mounting options for both front and back of ladder.
  • Removable if needed – no welding required.
  • No damage to ladder.

Please note – Prices may be subject to change due to current steel market fluctuations.

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