Fall Protection Plan for 2020!


Since the new year has begun, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be accomplished for you to start working on the job site. A focus for your team should be to create your fall protection plan for the new year! We have created a simple 5 step beginners’ checklist to help you get started with your plan. Here at HySafe it’s our mission to protect and save the lives of your employees by providing turnkey or custom solutions that meet all ANSI and OSHA standards for fall hazard safety. With our easy to follow list you can start making the necessary changes today! We would also love to help you check off items, so reach out to speak to one of our fall protection specialists and get your site assessment scheduled ASAP.



  • All fall hazards are safely addressed.
  • My team is up to date with our fall protection training
  • Annual OSHA recertifications are up to date
  • Fall Protection PPE is in good condition and available for my team
  • Fall protection plan is ready to go for 2020!

We are here to help you GET STARTED whenever you need!

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