Fold Away Fall Protection System

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HySafe’s Fold Away Fall Protection System is a moving rigid rail system. The Fold Away System is ideal when space is limited or when there are overhead cranes. HySafe’s Fold Away System can be stored out of the way, then positioned over the workspace, when necessary.

  • Retracting arms deploy and extend out only when needed. Leaves room for complete access to area when arms aren’t extended.
  • Ideal for any area where a fixed fall protection system would impede normal operations.
  • Retractable arms can be extended manually or with a power unit.
  • Length of arms can be custom and accommodate one or two workers.
  • Options include freestanding or wall mounted. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Ideal fall protection for areas such as bridge crane bays, large food processors, railroad maintenance facilities and flat bed truck loading areas. 


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