Aluminum Rail

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The HySafe Rail Fall Protection System is a versatile, easy to use, hands free and continuous fall protection system that easily facilities worker safety and compliance. HySafe’s aluminum rail system does not compromise building aesthetics with its low-profile design.  It’s ideal for when ground clearance is minimal.  Can be designed and used as a fall restraint system for multiple workers or as fall arrest for up to two workers.

Aluminum Rail for Roof:

  • Connected by aluminum rivets or clamps to the roof. 
  • Available for corrugated, built up, standing seam and composite roof types. 
  • Low profile and discrete design provide an unobtrusive safety anchorage solution for aesthetic appeal.
  • Allows multiple users to perform maintenance tasks such as suspended rope access work.

Aluminum Rail Horizontal Lifeline System 

  • Proven to be functional, flexible, and adaptable 
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of structures, supporting multiple workers for both fall arrest and fall restraint applications
  • The rail floats in the attachment to the building, which allows for thermal expansion and contraction. 
  • Can be used for overhead or horizontal waist height applications.

Rail Traveler Features:

  • Locks into place anywhere on the rail.
  • Can be permanently left on the system or removed for storage.
  • Transverses corners and changes in incline.


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