Cable Lifeline

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HySafe’s engineered cable lifelines are designed to help workers move safely along a surface at heights. Cable lifeline systems can be installed in a variety of applications. HySafe’s cable fall protection systems are designed to integrate with a variety of anchors and subcomponents to ensure continuous free movement around or across a structure where horizontal access is required.

Systems can be designed and installed for horizontal, vertical, and inclined applications to support multiple workers. Design options are available for overhead, waist height, and foot level on a roof. All HySafe engineered fall protection systems are designed to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards

Stainless Cable Lifeline: 

  • Stainless Steel components. 
  • Continuous, pass-through system. 
  • Aesthetic design. 
  • Easy to use and low maintenance. 
  • Self-Locking Traveler for vertical systems.

Synthetic Cable Lifeline: 

  • Cost effectively span longer distances using fewer anchors.
  • Greater spans between anchors for quicker, less obtrusive installations. 
  • Low dynamic arrest loads protect the integrity of the building or structure. 
  • Excellent resistance to weather and chemicals.


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