Crane Fall Protection

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Existing overhead crane bridges can prove to be difficult when considering fall protection. Fortunately, HySafe has over 23 years of experience in installing fall protection systems in challenging applications. There are several fall protection solutions for crane environments. HySafe’s crane fall protection systems prove to be adaptable and versatile with a variety of systems, connection, and mounting options.

Mounted Fall Protection Systems 

  • Rigid Rail or cable systems can be mounted directly to crane bridges. 
  • Continuous and complete fall protection coverage. 
  • Components are durable in any environment. 
  • Can be designed for several workers

Automated Fall Protection Crane 

  • Allows you to utilize existing or new bridge crane systems for both material handling and as a fall protection system. 
  • Allows for fall protection when crane operation is necessary 
  • Allows the worker to be safely connected to fall protection while working with a hoisted load 
  • Retrofit existing crane for remote operation or install new crane for fall protection 
  • Remote safety features limit crane for safe working capacity 


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