Joist Single Point Anchor

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HySafe’s Joist Single Point Anchor spans two joists to provide a permanent or temporary fall protection anchor point. The connection point can be manually adjusted along the anchor’s body allowing for more mobility and flexibility. Customize your anchor to best fit your work site by choosing from a variety of colors. In addition, the fabricated anchor is adjustable to fit different spans, making this the ideal anchorage solution for joists.

Key Features

  • For permanent or temporary use.
  • Splits the load between 2 joists.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing available upon request.
  • For overhead applications.
  • Adjustable to fit different spans. Available from 33” – 72” or 72” – 120”. Can be customized for other spans.
  • The SRL connection point is adjustable along the length of the Joist Anchor body. This allows for the SRL to be positioned as needed in the working area.

Please note – Prices may be subject to change due to current steel market fluctuations.

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33"-72", 72"-120"


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