Solutions For OSHA’s Updated Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standard


OSHA has recently updated the Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standard and if you’re not up to code, you could be facing major fines. The updated standard affects many different industries and many of the changes have gone or are going into effect very soon. To read more about this standard, check out our other blog: OSHA’s Updated Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standard.

Which Solutions Comply With The Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standard?

So, you may be asking yourself which products you’ll need to install to be compliant with OSHA’s standard? Well, there are six categories of products that OSHA has approved to eliminate the fall hazard correctly:

  • Guardrail Systems
  • Safety Net Systems
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems (harness, anchorage, connector, lanyard, deceleration device and/or lifeline)
  • Positioning System
  • Travel Restraint System
  • Ladder Safety System

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