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Fall Protection Training 

Hy-Safe Technology recognizes the importance of continued education and training as part of fall protection integration. Regardless of when fall protection fits into your safety plan, Hy-Safe has several courses to complete your fall protection knowledge. 

Competent Persons Training (16hr)

Hy-Safe's Fall Protection Competent Person Course is designed for the individual responsible for supervising the safety of other workers. The course will establish how to identify fall hazards, fall protection best practices and installation, and current OSHA/ANSI standards for fall proteciton.

Course will include the following content:

  • Fall Harzard Recognition, Elimination, and control methods
  • Fall Hazard Survey
  • Inspecting equipment
  • Selecting the right anchor and the use of noncertified anchorages
  • Fall protection system assessments, and determining when it is unsafe
  • Rescue procedures
  • Drop Tower demonstrations (multiple)

 *Complies with ANSI/ASSE Z359.2 code.

Authorized Worker (8hr)

Hy-Safe's Authorized Worker Training is our basic fall protection course designed for those who are using fall protection equipment on a regular basis.

Course will include the following content:

  • Fall Hazard Recognition, Elimination and control methods
  • Fall Protection Responsibilites, Regulations, and Procedures 
  • Drop Tower Demonstration (single)


Need help choosing a class? Want to learn more? Call our Fall Protection Training Specialist at 1(800) 642-0775.