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Rooftop Fall Protection

Products for commercial and residential fall protection.

Click here to download a pdf file of our roofing brochure, or go to our Hy-safe Roofing website: to get more information on the equipment you need.


Removeable single point anchor and wall mounted docking point

Removable single attachment point comes in stainless steel construction.

The Grabbing Bush is mounted permanently into a wall, and the lock can be anchored and removed as needed. A convenient way to provide fall protection without being visually obvious, and only one anchor may be needed, to be used anywhere a Grabbing Bush has been installed.

Additional Grabbing bushes available in length of 100 mm (to be purchased separately).




Permanent Warning Line

Hy-Safe's permanent warning line was designed for permanent placement of a Warning Line System for roof edge fall protection. Metal flags prevents torn or worn out plastic flagging. Once in place, the system remains intact until you want to move it.

FS 500300



Portable Warning Line

This portable warning line system is a hand carried warning system that provides for quick set up and removal. The handle makes it easy for transporting and hoisting. The system comes with a tough power coat finish. 

FS 500063