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Mezzanine Safety Gate

This pivoting safety gate protects employees in elevated mezzanine loading areas. Its counterbalenced gates ensure that one gate is always between your employees and the edge of the platform.

Manual System:
    •    Easy to assemble, no special tools.
    •    Intended for use where custom units are unnecessary.
Power System:
    •    Controlled with a low-voltage, three-button switch for open, close and stop.
    •    Gate structure is permanently anchored at the ledge of the mezzanine.
    •    Attached by cables and pulleys so that one gate closes when the other gate opens.
    •    A controller switch can be at ground level for remote operation.

Please call for shipping information and custom sizing. Hy-Safe Technology can provide mezzanine gates for any size needed.


FSG MZ64-42

Mezzanine Safety Gate Fall Protection