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Low Profile Outrigger

Outriggers are used at each end of a guardrail segment. This provides stability and reinforcement to continuous lengths of guardrail. In instances when you have limited spacing, the low profile outrigger can replace other standard sizes. When determining if the low profile is right for you ask yourself "Will this cause a tripping hazard?" If the answer is no, then the low profile outrigger is the right product for you.


Dimensions: Rail: 3 ft. long x 1'-1.75" tall, Baseplate footprint: 12" x 24"


**Disclaimer: Made to order product. MSRP only. Please call 1-800-642-0775 to place an order.  

Meets or exceeds all ANSI standards and OSHA 1926.502 regulations.



Low Profile Outrigger Segment
Low Profile Outrigger Kit