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Fall Protection Testing Services

After the Installation of the fall protection system is complete, the testing phase begins. All of the fal arrest components are visually inspected and load tests are performed in accordance with our strict testing procedures. Hy-Safe realizes that quality control is a vital component to a successful project. 

Fall Protection Equipment Testing Services

Hy-Safe has engineered and built a drop tower to test our fall protection equipment such as harnesses right at our corporate facility. With the stringent test requirements in place from ANSI, Hy-Safe verifies each batch of harnesses with a drop test. Hy-Safe has the quality product to meet or exceed even the stringent test requirements.

This is an exceptional tool: not only to test our harnesses, but to educate on the importance of quality harnesses, self-retracting lifelines and lanyards.  Our test tower confirms the importance of fall protection education Hy-Safe believes