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Tri-Line Safety System

The Tri-Line Safety System is a twin lifeline system unlike any other traditional fall arrest system. Its innovative design features two lifelines on separate spools allowing it to be self retracting and self locking. The Tri-Line allows safe and hands free movement along platforms and walkways. When the user is moving horizontally, one line plays out while the other retracts. Available in 40' and 80'. In addition, a LITE option is availabe which is the same product without the rescue winch.


  • Safe climbing for access and egress. 
  • Short activation distance - Hold without sliding or swinging
  • Safe and simple continuous protection 
  • Integrated rescue winch 

*This product is listed as a RFQ. We will contact you after your order is submitted to obtain additional details that will determine pricing and requirements.

Visit our YouTube channel to view the Tri-line in action! 



Twin lifeline system, SLR, separate spools
Twin SLR in use, T-Line Safety System