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Portable Hy-Cube Dual Arm

Our portable Hy-Cube dual arm units provide a fall protection anchor that minimizes disruptions to work place layouts and operations. These units allow for two workers to be attached at one time. With multiple base options this indoor/outdoor concrete-filled box can easily be transported to areas in need of fall protection. Available in an array of height and davit reach options.


  • Cube davit arm rotates 360 degrees 
  • Fill cube with concrete onsite or have it come prefilled
  • Cube comes with lifting rings for transport
  • Davit Arm options come in fixed or adjustable heights
  • Optional 20’ rail allows for more range of movement and includes two trolleys
  • Base options include: forklift pockets, forklift stabilizer base (for uneven surfaces), or a heavy duty removable trailer with tow bar and leveling jacks
  • Advanced hydraulic mast option available (FS ADVHC70724)

*This product is listed as a RFQ. Please call for pricing and to place an order: 1-800-642-0775



Hy-Cube with Dual Anchors
Hy-Cube with rail option
Advanced Hy-Cube