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Shock Absorbing Post (Standing Seam Roofing)

The Hy-Safe Shock Absorbing Post is an integral part of a rooftop fall protection system. In the event of a fall, some of the force is absorbed by the post, which virtually eliminates the risk of damage to the roof.
•    Revolutionary top-fixing post with internal shock absorber serves as a single point anchorage.
•    Can be powder coated to match the facade.
•    Shock absorber reduces loads to less than 2,250 lbs. to the structure in the event of a fall.
•    Does not need to be attached to structural steel or purlins.
•    For use with built up, single ply, composite, standing seam and trapezoidal metal roofs.

For use on Standing Seam Roofing -- Includes post with base and standing seam clamp assembly kit.


FSA X10002


23 lb