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Forklift Basket

Forklift basket used with a lift truck to perform overhead tasks. Welded steel 36"W x 48"D; tine spacing 26" c/c; powdercoat gray. 

Simply slide the forklift tines into the sleeves under the platform, secure it, and the lift truck is converted to a portable manlift. The platform is diamond plate with formed 4" toeboards. The unit is secured to the lift truck with a tine lock, a mechanism that rotates up behind the left forklift tine, preventing the platform from sliding forward off the tines. 

In addition, a chain with a hook is welded to the base, which wraps around the lift column of the lift truck and hooks back to itself or to the platform. An additional safety feature is the tine stop. This prevents the forklift operator from sliding the tines down the middle of the unit, between the tine sleeves. Ships setup with no assembly required. 

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FS WM-100 C1