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Grain Industry Fall Protection

Grain Industry

The grain industry poses various fall protection hazards that are often overlooked.  Unloading rail cars and trucks, climbing ladders, and walking catwalks at a grain facility can have potentially fatal consequences if safety standards aren’t meant.  Safety conscious grain employers can be assured that every Hy-Safe engineered fall protection system is OSHA compliant and meets all ANSI standards.

Grain Bin, Elevator and Silo

Hy-Safe is the first turnkey fall protection provider to collaborate with a group of fall protection experts to engineer, design and install grain bin fall protection.  Workers must be protected from engulfment and suffocation when working in grain bins so it is of vital importance that all grain employers install fall restraint systems.  Whether it is a horizontal lifeline, confined space or a single point anchor Hy-Safe is your sole source for your grain application.