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Custom Solutions In Fall Protection

Custom Turnkey Solutions

Hy-Safe Technology works in many different environments solving many different challenges for keeping workers at heights safe. Our abundant experience allows us to create user friendly, innovative and cost effective lifeline, aluminum rail, and other custom systems. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a fall arrest or fall restraint system, permanent or temporary, Hy-Safe’s dedicated team can design and build a custom solution regardless of your unique environment. 

General Industry
When maintenance, repair or installation present a fall hazard in any kind of industry, Hy-Safe can provide a turnkey solution that can be customized to fit your unique needs. Industrial hazards often require guard rails, safety gates, bridge crane lifelines, and other specialized fall protection. Hy-Safe understands the unique needs that workers might have to be kept safe while working.

According to OSHA, accidental falls are the leading cause of worker fatalities in the construction industry. From residential to commercial construction fall protection, Hy-Safe provides the right equipment and system for the job. Our full line of products, including temporary lifelines, construction netting, construction safety poles, debris netting and kits, make it possible to comply with all OSHA standards.

Oil Rig and Gas
Considering the fast pace and demanding environment of the oil and gas industry, Hy-Safe can provide a turnkey solution with superior quality equipment. Our dedicated team can help design, engineer and install a custom safety system that will eliminate uncommon fall hazards in these dangerous environments. 

Amusement Park
Amusement park and theme park attractions such as roller coaster rides present challenging fall hazards. Hy-Safe has developed several ways to provide continuous connection lifelines to allow access to the entire roller coaster without losing convenience or sacrificing protection.

Utility and Telecommunication
Tower climbers face an exceptionally difficult and dangerous work envirnment. Workers face numerous fall hazards when accessing utility, telecommunication, wind and water towers. Hy-Safe’s vertical fall protection systems can be retrofitted to existing tower ladders or built into a new project. Hy-Safe ladder safety systems can slope and traverse corners, and are fully functional when being retrofitted into applications where a cage system with platforms was previously in use.