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Aircraft Fall Protection

Hy-Safe Technology has superior engineering capabilities to solve aircraft and hanger fall hazards. Whether you need a portable solution such as a mobile platform or an access ladder to a vacuum anchor or an overhead lifeline, Hy-Safe Technology can provide you with the best custom solution for all your aircraft fall protection needs.

We understands the challenges that come with aircraft maintenance; this is why we offer a wide array of fall protection solutions for the Aircraft industry. 

Overhead Lifeline Systems

Our systems are designed to easily pass through intermediate points, virtually eliminating the risk of wing falls. Our lifeline travelers roll freely over the stainless steel cable, keeping the anchor point directly overhead.

Overhead Rail Systems

In addition to overhead cable lifelines in airplane hangars, Hy-Safe also offers overhead rail track systems. Our rail track system offers a low profile design and protects workers at heights up to high ceiling levels. By using existing support steel, ceiling mounted systems can support long runs with unlimited runway length. Various other solutions include installing Hy-Safe’s Rigid Rail on existing crane rails as a custom application or installing Hy-Safe’s mobile beam and trolley to roll freely along the I-beam flanges. All these options greatly reduce deflection, allow freedom of movement, and allow for a minimum loss of headroom. 

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